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High-Fidelity Prototyping
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User Attendance


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  • Description

    The eye-tracking technique detects users' attention to a website by particularly measuring the position of the users' eyes on the screen (where they are looking), gaze durations (how long they are looking), and saccades (how their focus of attention is moving).

    Short Instruction

    1. Decide whether to use an eye-tracking device or to use online eye-tracking tools based on a webcam

    2. Prepare high-fidelity prototypes or a live Website/App

    3. Prepare and conduct an eye-tracking lab study (when using an eye-tracking device) or online study (when using a webcam)

    4. Analyze the data (gaze durations, fixations, etc.) and visualize the results (e.g. with heat maps, gaze plots, etc.) to understand users' browsing habits


    1. Pernice, K. and Nielsen, J. (2009) How to Conduct Eyetracking Studies.

    2. Nielsen, J. and Pernice, K. (2009) Eyetracking Web Usability. Berkeley, CA: New Riders.


    The techniques below have the same characteristics.


    The techniques below have different characteristics.

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