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Actors Mapping

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  • Description

    An Actors Map visualizes in the form of a network how actors relate to each other. It displays the functions and roles of different actors in a systemic view of a service and the context in which it operates.

    Short Instruction

    1. Collect information related to a pre-defined topic or problem (e.g., by interviews or via brainstorming)

    2. Write down central information on sticky notes and stick them to a wall

    3. Read and sort the information on the notes (the notes can be grouped to show a common idea, problem, or solution based on the similarity of the cards)

    4. Develop affinity heading cards for each group of information and place them on the top of the groups

    5. "Walk the wall" and use the sorted information to achieve new insights and ideas instead of giving definitions to the groups

    6. Discuss the notes on the wall and come to a shared decision




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    The techniques below have the same characteristics.


    The techniques below have different characteristics.

    Information Organization Relationships and Dependencies