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Low-Fidelity Prototyping
Short-Term Study
User Attendance

Speed Dating

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  • Description

    Speed Dating helps to create low-cost, fast comparisons of design opportunities before the development of expensive prototypes.

    Short Instruction

    1. Use storyboards to prioritize user needs and determine the target environment to be simulated

    2. Build a fictional environment and low-fidelity prototypes for a given task

    3. Present a relevant scenario with a lead question to a small group of target users

    4. Ask each target user to play a role and conduct the given task by using the prototypes within the fictional environment

    5. Conduct follow-up interviews


    1. Davidoff, S., Lee, M.K., Dey, A.K., Zimmerman, J., 2007. Rapidly Exploring Application Design Through Speed Dating, in: Proceedings of The International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp'07). pp. 429?C446. doi:10.1007/11853565_2


    The techniques below have the same characteristics.


    The techniques below have different characteristics.

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