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Stakeholder Walkthrough

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  • Description

    A Stakeholder Walkthrough helps end users, stakeholders, and the team evaluate early prototypes. It also offers users and stakeholders the opportunity to make actionable recommendations for improvements.

    Short Instruction

    1. Define the scope and objectives of the walkthrough

    2. Define an overall task and the related subtasks

    3. Ask participants (representatives of end users, development team and other stakeholders; less than 20 people) to discuss the usage of prototypes of a service or product to fulfill the pre-defined task

    4. Make notes on how people use the prototypes of the service or product to fulfill the task

    5. Discuss and analyze how to solve problems that have occurred during the walkthrough


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    2. Bias, Randolph G. "The Pluralistic Usability Walkthrough: Coordinated Empathies" in Usability Inspection Methods. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1994.



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